The Simple Golf Swing Review: Is David Nevogt Really a Guru?

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Golf is a game of patience, discipline and mechanics. It’s about the right angle of the club, just the right twist of the body and then the powerful swing. We’ve seen the professionals play it with such ease, just look at Tiger Woods. However, watching someone play is very different from actually playing. There have been tons of self- help books, instructional videos and even expensive classes promising you the right techniques. The Simple Golf Swing review sets out to check if the book lives up to its promise: to be able to teach you the right techniques to win the tourney.

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So what makes The Simple Golf Swing different from all the rest of the many products out there that happen to be a scam or rushed together with rehashed information? This book teaches you step-by-step, how to achieve the perfect form and hit the ball at greater distances. With its easy to follow instructions and comprehensive explanations, The Simple Golf Swing really simplifies the game. After all, according to the author, David Nevogt, all a great golf player needs are Precision and Power, and a lot of patience. However, these are only possible with the right techniques.

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Overall, The Simple Golf Swing would like to recommend this book to golf aficionados. In fact, even pros can learn a thing or two from this book. While nothing beats an actual instructor and actual hours on the field, this book is a good place to start. Previous users of the product have even reported improvements in this sport. Of course, this book will not make you a Woods, but it could start you off in the game. Just like all products purchased through Clickbank, The Simple Golf Swing comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, giving you enough time to try the techniques out on the field.

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The Simple Golf Swing, by David Nevogt