Stream Online Movies Review: As Good As Claimed?

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With over 80 million movies in its database, Stream Online Movies is a big player in the online movie streaming industry. All you need is an Internet connection, and Stream Online Movies delivers high quality movies direct to your computer. 80 million movies sounds like an extremely inflated number though, so that means we’ve got to do a Stream Online Movies review to find out just what exactly the real deal happens to be.

We registered for the service and were pleasantly surprised to find out that it just took a one-time payment of $35, with no recurring fees like Netflix and other services might charge. We were even more surprised to find out that not only could you stream movies, but Stream Online Movies actually allows you to download movies onto your computer. These are HD movies though, so downloading might take some time, maybe up to an hour per movie.  If time is an issue, you’ll probably just want to stream them.

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As is the case with all streaming products, Internet speed is going to have a big effect on your viewing experience. If your web connection can’t handle the stress of high definition streaming, it might be a good idea to just download the movies and watch them later on.

Now, on to the 80 million dollar question – could Stream Online Movies possibly have that many movies in its database? Judging from the selection we’ve scanned through, there’s no way we can really be sure, but there’s a helluva lot in there. 80 million films is a lot to go through and would take more time than we have left to live, so we can’t really give you a confirmation, but we were impressed with the selection of flicks available through the service.

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So, let’s sum up this Stream Online Movies review. For a one-time payment of $35, you can choose from an absolute ton of movies, bypass Netflix and your local video store, and watch whenever and wherever you want to. We’re sold. Of course, if for some reason you aren’t quite as impressed as we are, you can always exercise the 60-day money back guarantee Stream Online Movies offers through Clickbank. There’s no risk here.

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