Sports Betting Professor Review: Rich Allen System

We had to do a Sports Betting Professor review after seeing how many people look for information about this system. Any program that claims to win 90% of the time absolutely needs a closer look to determine whether it’s real or a scam. We had to find out for ourselves whether Rich Allen’s program really works as well as he claims, because 90% is just really hard to swallow.

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Right off the bat, let us tell you that we didn’t win 90% of our bets. We’ve never heard of sports betting program that won at such an amazing rate, so we thought that was a little too much to begin with. We did come away winning a very respectable 70% of the bets we placed using the advice contained within Sports Betting Professor. By using some complex math, Sports Betting Professor analyzed statistics and trends that go back more than 15 years. With their formula, they come up with the kinds of bets that present you with the lowest risks and the best odds.

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A pretty impressive feature of Sports Betting Professor is the fact that Rich Allen himself will send you an email everyday, keeping the lines of communication open with all of his customers. In this email, he’ll inform you of his sports pick for the day, along with all of the other bets and odds available. It also adds a personal touch to the whole process, especially when he replies to your emails himself.

Sports Betting Professor

While we didn’t enjoy a 90% rate like the product claims, we still came away impressed with this Sports Betting Professor review. As you know, 70% would put you in a really good position. This is a steady system that shows its value over time, as the Sports Betting Professor system will help you make informed decisions when choosing your picks. This lowers your risks, betters your odds, and ultimately will lead to more wins.

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