Rocket Piano Review: Can Ruth Searle Teach You to Play?

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Rocket Piano is a tutorial program that claims to be able to teach students how to play the piano. We were a little suspicious; how can a program teach anybody to play an instrument as complicated as the piano? Not only that, but it claims to be helpful for all pianists, whether they are just beginning to learn or advanced students. That is why we decided to do a Rocket Piano review. We just had to find out for ourselves if this product was for real or not.

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We were under the impression that to learn to play the piano, students would have to go through hours of practice with a professional piano teacher. This practice would go on for years before the student can master his instrument. You can imagine how expensive it would be. However, Rocket Piano claims to be able to do the same thing for a fraction of the time and cost. It was surprising to see how popular the product was with customers and various review websites.

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Of course, it will still take time before you learn how to play the piano using this program. Rocket Piano is spread out over 12 months of interactive piano and music theory lessons. Afterwards, you can then begin learning how to play the various songs Rocket Piano gives you the sheet music for.

To sum up this Rocket Piano review, this product works. However, it will only work if you put in the same amount of dedication and practice time as you would with a regular piano teacher. It isn’t a magic pill; you only get what you put in. It is definitely worth a try if you are looking to learn to play the piano. You will be glad to know that Rocket Piano comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Just in case you realize you need a real human teaching you how to play the piano, then you can always just return the program.

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