Plan My Baby Review: Can Alicia Pennington’s Method Work?

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Have you ever wanted nothing more than a baby girl? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a baby boy all your life. The thing is, who knows what sex your baby is going to be? It’s out of your hands. Not necessarily, according to Alicia Pennington. Pennington has developed Plan My Baby to help parents pick the gender of their child just by using natural, safe methods. We were very doubtful about this product, so we decided to do a Plan My Baby review and see what the real deal is.

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Plan My Baby requires you only three easy steps. The first one is scheduling intercourse at the right times. Plan My Baby explains that depending on your ovulation stage, pH levels will vary. Having an acidic pH level will probably result in a girl, and basic pH levels will usually get you a boy. They also have research to back this information up.

The next thing is monitoring your diet. What you eat significantly affects your pH levels. You can help determine these levels by simply altering your diet based on what you want them to be. Lastly, Plan My Baby claims that specific sexual positions can really affect what sex your baby will be. This is because different positions affect the X and Y chromosomes differently.

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To sum up our Plan My Baby review, we’ve got to say we’re pretty happy with the science behind the product. However, please understand that it isn’t a guaranteed thing. While Plan My Baby helps you determine the sex of your baby, it is not a sure-fire solution. If for some reason you aren’t happy with the product, then you can always avail of the 60-day money back guarantee.

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