Paleo Cookbook Review: Does Nikki Young Have the Right Idea?

You are about to read a Paleo Cookbook review. If you got to this page by mistake, the official product website can be found by clicking this link.

There’s been a lot of buzz and hype surround this product, which is why we are doing this Paleo Cookbook review. We’ll be talking about what you can expect in this book, and whether or not it is worth spending your money and time on.

The Paleo Cookbook is based on the Paleolithic diet. The rules of this diet are simple: You can only eat it if people ate in during the Paleolithic age. The premise behind this is that the human body was naturally evolved only to break down the most simple of diets. The science behind this line of thinking is pretty solid, and it’s been known to result in more energy and quick and permanent weight loss.

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Inside this Paleo Cookbook, you will find over 300 recipes. These recipes can be found online, or you may also want to download them in PDF format. We really like the fact that since you’ll be eating simple foods, the recipes are a real breeze to follow. It also doesn’t hurt that the Paleolithic diet is full of really affordable foods that give you great value for your money.

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To sum up this Paleo Cookbook review, we’ve got to say that we are pretty happy with this product. The Paleolithic diet really seems to work if you are looking to lose some weight and just be generally healthier. The Paleo Cookbook makes it easy to follow this diet. Upon purchasing this product, you get two cookbooks. The first one is Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter Gatherer, and the second one is Paleo Eating for Modern People. There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose by trying out this product.

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Paleo Cookbook diet recipes by Nikki Young