Magic Article Rewriter Review: Is the Alexander Krulik Spinner Worth It?

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The Magic Article Rewriter software claims it is the best tool for spinning article content, allowing you to generate thousands of rewrites from a single original seed article. With less work, and in less time, the Magic Article Rewriter can guarantee unique and interesting versions of an article that you can submit to different websites without getting penalized for duplicate content. We know how easy it is to rewrite and paraphrase an article, but imagine doing that a thousand times. With Magic Article Rewriter you won’t have to. We hope you find this Magic Article Rewriter review helpful as we look at the ins and outs of this spinning tool.

The Magic Article Rewriter software was developed by online marketing expert Alexander Krulik.  It’s easy to follow, and even a newbie in online marketing can do it. With five simple steps and a firm strategy in place, you could start earning thousands each week. You simply have to load the original article, open the program, select the parts you want to rewrite, choose the synonyms you want to use and then just press the “rewrite” button. In minutes, you will have dozens of versions from the same article. The software also works like a brain, collecting bits of information known as “tokens” that store past work and patterns in its massive database. It is also important to note that the Magic Article Rewriter database can store over 30,000 words and phrases.

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For less than $50, you can generate over thousands of spun versions of articles that are grammatically correct, original and understandable. Overall, this Magic Article Rewriter review is recommending the product to all article marketers who are looking to repackage, submit and earn more from articles posted online without the tedious effort or big expense required to rewrite articles or find outsourcers to do the same. Magic Article Rewriter also offers a no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee, giving you enough time to try this product out for yourself.

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Magic Article Rewrite, a spinning tool by Alexander Krulik