Illusion Mage Review: A Look at the 3D Animation Software

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These days, presentations are all about the packaging. The more advanced, the better. Instead of looking at flat pictures, people are now more intrigued and impressed at 3D images. Gone are the days of Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid. These days, 3D pictures and cartoons are dominating the box office! Think Pixar, think Wally. Even motion pictures are created with an option to switch to 3D. Using cutting edge technology, the images are brought to life. It is only reasonable that artists must move towards this technology. This is where Illusion Mage comes in. This product promises to help artists shift from boring pictures to 3D images. We set out to try this product out, and see if it lives up to its promise: to simplify the art of 3D imagine.

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The goal of this Illusion Mage review is to see if this product is worth the money and the time. To start with, Illusion Mage is a brainchild of professional 3D artist Seth Avery. In this program, he has set up an easy-to-follow instructional guide, and a very easy template to follow when creating 3D art. So far, this product has gotten raving reviews from previous users who have given it two thumbs up. Some say Illusion Mage is even better than the more famous brands Maya or 3D Max. Of course, it’s best you give this a try to see for yourself.

Product shots and a peek at the 6-hour tutorial here.

Overall, this Illusion Mage review recommends this product to both neophyte and veteran artists who are interested in 3D art, and to anyone who’s ever been interested in learning a thing or two about 3D imaging. Like all products purchased through Clickbank, the Illusion Mage comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, to give you enough time to try this product out!

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