Forex Crescendo Review: Can You Trust This Robot for Results?

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Forex robots are pretty common these days, but given that Forex Crescendo is less than a year old and already gaining a lot of buzz, we decided to do a Forex Crescendo review. Basically, this program makes automated Forex trades for you with either GBP-USD or GBP-JPY currencies. While this product is fairly new to the market, we believe that it can be a real player in the automated Forex robots industry.

The world of Forex trading, and business in general, is ruled by numbers. Forex Crescendo shows some pretty impressive numbers. The average profit per trade is pegged at $60, while the average loss is at $81. However, since Forex Crescendo began, its trades have won almost 80% of the time. If this is accurate, then you will be making a very handsome profit by using this program. We had to wonder just how Forex Crescendo creator Andrea Salvatore came up with a robot that is head and shoulders above everybody else. Of course, such a high winning percentage can’t possibly be sustainable, but then the drop off won’t be that much either.

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With numbers like that, you can’t blame us for thinking the whole thing was a Forex Crescendo scam. However, after the Forex Crescendo review we did, we’re convinced that this robot can make you money. The product really works, and you can really make a profit by using it. If you do not have the time to be making the trades yourself, you can rely on this product to handle all your Forex trading for you.

You will also be happy to hear they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. We doubt you’ll be using it, though; Forex Crescendo has a refund rate of 2%. People are satisfied with the product, and we feel that you will be, too.

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