Eat Stop Eat Review: Does the Brad Pilon Book Work?

Welcome to our Eat Stop Eat review. Were you looking for the actual weight losss guide itself? If so, here’s a link to it.

Imagine being able to lose weight without working out, but just by simply making the right food choices. We’re not talking about a strict diet even; just everything in moderation. If that sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you. We were a little skeptical ourselves. That’s why we’re doing this Eat Stop Eat review. We want to find out if this product can really help you lose body fat and maintain muscle mass, just by telling you how to eat properly.

Brad Pilon, creator of Eat Stop Eat, believes that the key to losing body fat is intermittent fasting. Fast to lose fat is what he is preaching. By fasting at the right times throughout the week, you will be decreasing your total calorie intake dramatically. This means fat loss. If you’ve done some research on fat loss before, you might be worried about your body going into starvation mode and hanging onto its fat deposits for dear life. However, when fasting is done at the correct times, your body will not feel like it is being deprived, so you will be able to maintain your fat loss.

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Depending on what you are looking to do, Eat Stop Eat has three packages for you to choose from. The basic package is $39.95, the deluxe package $57, and the advanced package $77. The biggest difference would be that the advanced package comes with audio files, interviews and a 10-day diet plan, while the deluxe comes with a protein guide for building muscle mass.

For most people who are just looking to lose some fat, the basic package should be more than adequate. You’ll also be glad to hear that Eat Stop Eat comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. We hope you found our Eat Stop Eat review useful. Try it out – you’ve got nothing to lose except for your excess weight.

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