DUBTurbo Review: How Are the Beats?

Thanks for checking out our DUBTurbo review, where we put DUBTurbo to the test as a beat making software download.  For more information, you can always refer to their official website.

We’ll start this DUBTurbo review by saying that whether you’re just starting to make music or an experienced producer, DUBTurbo can help you create some serious quality beats.

When using DUBTurbo, you feel as if you’re working in a professional studio. The only difference is it’s all contained within your computer. You have the option of using more than 10 tracks at any given time. Whether you want the effects of a keyboard or drums, even a mic, DUBTurbo has you covered. The software allows you to use these sounds and effects as you want to, giving you complete control over the music you create.

See how the interface looks here.

If you’re into Hip Hop and R&B, DUBTurbo would be an ideal beatmaking software for you. It just feels like the program is tailored more for those musical genres as opposed to rock and jazz. That’s not to say that rockers can’t benefit from using the program; it would make as a great tool if they ever want to experiment with their music.

View the free demo video of DUBTurbo here.

This DUBTurbo review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the price tag of the software. It’s a lot less expensive than most of the more popular programs out there, such as Pro Tools and Cubase. Depending on what package you get, you could be spending around $29, up to $137 for the most deluxe package. Even at that price, you will still be spending far less than you would for comparable software out there. Of course, if you find that DUBTurbo isn’t for you, then you can always get your money back. One of the perks of purchasing with Clickbank is that they have a 60-day money back guarantee.

DUBTurbo software download link here.

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