1000 Questions for Couples Review: Help From Michael Webb

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Are you compatible with your partner? Do you know if your interests run along the same line of thought? While they say that opposites attract, it will also take a ton of similarities for two people to work. The 1000 Questions for Couples book claims it can give you the top 1000 right questions you should be asking your partner before deciding to go to the next level. The Questions cover small chat topics to tougher questions like criminal records or psychological issues. The 1000 Questions for Couples review set out to find out just how effective and fun the questions are.

Relationship Guru Michael Webb has put together all the important questions you need to be asking now before tying any knots. After all, statistics show that an over 80% of divorces could have been avoided, if only partners asked the right questions.

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While there are fun and shallow “getting to know you” questions in this book, some sections contain tougher lines of questioning featuring topics you would not normally ask about. But since you have this fun book to enjoy as a game with your partner, you have an excuse to ask the serious questions anyway. For example, asking about STD history, or jail records. With this book, you can learn more about your sweetheart through his answers, and more importantly how he answers.

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The 1000 Questions for Couples review is giving this product two thumbs up. It is recommended for those looking to seriously get to know their partners, or those who are just looking for some fun couple activity! Like other purchases made through Clickbank, this 1000 Questions for Couples comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb